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We would like to introduce HoneyX, the first online service platform that allows users and performers direct interaction through payment and reward through a crypto wallet. HoneyX was inspired by issues that arose in the current online adult industry. In most cases there is always an intermediary between the creator and the consumer and with a lack of choice, the industry had since remained the same.

The adult content industry has long been an oligopoly, controlled by behemoths such as MindGeek, LiveJasmin, Xvideos and many others. This was until the industry saw a drastic change in 2016 with the launch of Onlyfans, despite its steady growth it wasn’t until mid-2020 when the newcomer experienced exponential growth fuelled in part by the economic uncertainty around the global pandemic.

Creators were moving from performing via talent agencies to total independence by building their own brands. This was a great movement for the creators and a massive disruption in the online adult content industry, however, many important issues remained present. Online adult transactions are hindered by trust issues, charge-backs (whereby a person buys something and then claims they never did) and high fees for credit card/PayPal transactions. Depending on the product type a user may be required to provide government issued ID for age verification purposes.

We at HoneyX saw these issues and came together to create a solution. The HoneyX token was founded by a mix of individuals who are practitioners in the adult entertainment industry, IT specialists, as well as finance and business professionals who are well versed in blockchain technology and heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space.

The HoneyX Token ($HONEYX) is a private token built on the Binance Smart Chain, designed for use on the HoneyX Platform, allowing for faster transactions between all members on the network. The marketplace will not be available for any illegal material and will only host adult content for entertainment purposes.

Lack of anonymity

Problem: All of our major competitors claim to be “anonymous” due to their “discreet billing”. The fact of the matter is, as soon as you have to input credit card details, or provide an email address, you are giving away important pieces of data.

Solution: HoneyX solves this by only needing your cryptocurrency wallet address. You use this to login, and the HoneyX token to make payments on the platform. This ensures total anonymity. No credit cards, no two-factor authentication, no need for “discreet” billing.

Lack of support for creators

Problem: Our competitors have fixed hours that they are able to provide support to their creators.

Solution: HoneyX will provide 24/7 support for the platform and a special hotline for creator support. This is made possible by our support staff and team members being located all across the world.

Lack of promotional tools for creators

Problem: The current algorithm for creators on most platforms seeks to boost views for well-established creators, leaving out the new creators who have the potential, but who just need that extra promotional push.

Solution: HoneyX, with its plethora of analytics tools gives creators the chance truly understand what content engages the most users. Our platform’s explore page also has dedicated sections for creators who are up-and-coming, allowing them to garner the exposure they need.

HoneyX was created to solve issues currently plaguing the adult content industry. Primarily powered by cryptocurrency, it opens up more possibilities for creators to expand their business models. 

The adult entertainment industry has been a victim of its own success for decades. The availability to produce and distribute porn on the Internet along with torrenting and sharing sites have led to the devaluing of pornographic content. That devaluation in turn has led to a decrease in revenue for some producers, especially those operating outside traditional distribution channels. Platforms like HoneyX put the power back in the creator’s hands. This allows the market to speak for itself – creators only create content that users want to consume, and users get to choose & tailor what content they receive.

Another widely touted feature in the cryptocurrency space is NFTs – non-fungible tokens. NFTs are like physical collector’s items, only digital. They are a proof of ownership of a 1-of-1 digital asset. Owners of an NFT get exclusive ownership rights: that means no one else can buy and trade it at the same time. One of the features we will look to roll out on our platform is the “Beehive Boutique”. This is our very own, NFT marketplace, and it’s where we want users to be able to participate and own their own slice of 1-of-1 uniqueness.

It is a time of excitement and anticipation as cryptocurrency grows in popularity. HoneyX, which combines the usability and security of the BSC network with an exciting system that promises to be user friendly, looks set to cash in on this world wide phenomena. The HoneyX team are dedicated to making their product a success and has the potential to be “the next big thing” in the cryptocurrency world.

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