How do HoneyX tokens have value?

HoneyX is the token which powers the HoneyX platform and is used as a medium of exchange. It is also cash flow generative and has potential for capital gains upside.

What slippage do I need?

Please set the slippage to 12% to ensure a smooth transaction on PancakeSwap.

Is the liquidity locked?

Yes, the liquidity is locked for 12 months.

Can HoneyX devs create more tokens?

No, once the contract has been made the tokens are locked.

What is the team’s strategy to grow HoneyX?

HoneyX is consistently building innovative strategies to advance the platform. An absolute priority is the development of the platform and ensuring a high quality experience for both the investors and creators.

Does the team monitor the content?

Yes. HoneyX has a team directly responsible to ensure that the produced content will qualify to be all things considered “adult” and within guidelines.

How does staking work with HoneyX?

Staking in HoneyX is a function to be released on the HoneyX platform webpage which enables users to stake HoneyX tokens in exchange for a secondary token named BeeX which will be released on a later date.

How does HoneyX help ambassadors?

Excited about HoneyX? Apply to be an ambassador on our ambassador’s page! HoneyX welcomes creators and their entrepreneurship and will provide the support and tools for them to grow on the platform regardless if they’re new or a veteran in the content game.

When will you release the platform?

Every week we see more and more coins coming to the market every day. It’s getting increasingly difficult for a coin to stand out from the other altcoins. We are meticulous in the development of our product as we strongly believe in this competitive crypto space, that quality defines your business. Our roadmap is on our landing page and the platform is due Q4 2021.

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