HoneyX airdrops $HoneyX tokens

Fret not.  If you have recently seen 69.69 $HONEYX tokens mysteriously appearing in your wallet, it is because the team at HoneyX has done a *surprise surprise* airdrop targeted at individuals whom we believe share our vision of a better and more exciting tomorrow for online adult content.

Welcome to your newest adult playground

HoneyX harnesses the power of blockchain technology to solve many inherent problems that plague the online adult content sharing space today, but we cannot achieve it without the support of our community. With an enormous project that involves NFT creations, staking and a platform to host it all, the HoneyX community is rapidly growing by the day.  This airdrop is a way for us to not only thank some of our existing token holders but also to tell many others who may not be aware of who we are of our existence.  Afterall, while the team at HoneyX is working relentlessly to bring the platform into fruition, we will ultimately rely on the network effects brought about by a diverse user and creator base to become the force that would disrupt the adult cryptocurrency space.

To HODL or not to HODL…

That’s the question.  

What exactly is HoneyX?  Now that we have piqued your interest in us, we would like to tell you our story and what the HoneyX token means to us.  To quote our white paper

Indeed, through the use of the blockchain, HoneyX seeks to deliver several essential value propositions to our token holders.

100% Anonymity: With many existing competitor platforms, no matter how “discreet” the billing may be advertised, every time a transaction is made, information (name, credit card details, preferences to just name a few) is being subtly collected from the user.  In other words, you are literally giving pieces of yourself away each time you input your details and consequently, all your site activity will be inadvertently linked to your profile. You are leaving yourself vulnerable to hacks and your information free to be exploited by these platforms.  

On the HoneyX platform, transactions happen using the $HoneyX token. Say goodbye to the hassle of the two-factor authorization and the pesky credit card paywalls.  With the advent of improvements in blockchain payments infrastructure as adoption increases, we foresee HoneyX being the token of choice in paying for adult content in the future.

Holders share in the profits of the business: HoneyX is a platform that is built for its users and creators.  A HoneyX token not only represents a unit of currency in which to purchase content on our platform, but also is a medium through which the platform gives back to our community.

To keep the platform running, HoneyX derives some operating income through a minimal platform fee structure for creators and advertising.  Yet beyond the cost of creating and maintaining the platform, we wish to share the fruits with everyone – be it creators, users, or investors – whom we believe contributes to the vibrancy of the ecosystem each in their unique ways.  As such, for every HoneyX token you own, you will receive a proportion of the profits earned by HoneyX on a quarterly basis.

Platform with a heart: At HoneyX, we fully embrace freedom of expression and creativity, but at the same time will impose strict (but necessary) guidelines in order to protect our users and creators.  On the platform we expect our users and creators to behave and interact respectfully with one another to foster a stable (Yes, OnlyFans, we’re talking about your flipflopping stance!) yet adventurous environment where our creators can grow and their fans can seek out the most exciting content.

Yet, our core asset is our people.  The HoneyX team comprises individuals currently in the adult industry who understand the needs of our creators.  This is something none of our competitors can lay claim to.  Furthermore, our team is fully doxxed, and you can even search us on LinkedIn to learn more about the very passionate group of people who are trying to change block by block, the way adult content is distributed.    

Since you have gotten this far, we have a confession to make.  While this blog post was initially envisioned to provide an easy search result explanation for when you google “Why are there 69.69 HONEYX tokens in my wallet?”, we had a tiny wish that this lengthy post will give you more reason for you to believe in us, and in our vision.  We sincerely hope this 69.69 $HoneyX will mark the start of your journey with us.  Our platform’s alpha release is expected to happen in Q4 2021, and we hope to see you (anonymously of course) there!

About HoneyX

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