HoneyX Launches Initial UX/UI Designs

HoneyX has released its initial designs for its user experience and user interface (UX/UI) features. These designs are part of the Alpha release of the HoneyX platform, gearing up for the Beta launch before the general release later in the year. The development team is packing the most significant features of the platform in this initial release to fast-track later releases and optimize the functionality of the final designs.

Our team comprises not only designers and developers, but most importantly, the content creators. We are building a platform that works for our creators — the core of this initial process and beyond. Creators will set the project on the right foot and help expand our user-centered approach from generating and developing ideas to building the platform’s applications.

Designing for the User

We are building a platform for our users, and to build a tool that works, we must understand what the user requires. In response, HoneyX has stepped up efforts to partner with more content creators in the adult entertainment industry. In the past month, HoneyX announced 35+ creators who have joined HoneyX, with many more in the coming weeks. The creators have been integral in informing our initial UX/UI designs in the following ways:

Identifying Users’ Problems

HoneyX is transforming the way NSFW content is created and distributed by leveraging blockchain technology. To make a platform better than the others, the team has worked to identify problems that creators face. Creators, who have first-hand experience with these plights, have provided the designers with valuable input to set up a platform that works for them. Our partnership with the creators has made the design process slow-yet-rigorous, with in-depth understanding, problem identification, and resolution.

Developing Bleeding-Edge Tools and Features

We can’t say it enough — we are building HoneyX for the users. So, apart from resolving issues that creators faced on other platforms, our design team embarked on a quest to know the needs of the creators and build features that exceed their expectations. We are building tools that make it the reason for creators to join HoneyX. While it may take a while, our UX/UI designs are refined to the last code. We can’t wait to have our first release! Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect in our alpha release:

The platform will have a default dark theme with future support for toggling according to users’ preferences. Tabs are visible with a neon design, cheering you up for a passionate viewing of NSFW material. You can access live content from your favorite creators at the top of the page. Also, filter your searches to access the latest posts, most viewed, or other tags for your favorite porn content. Fancy joining the HoneyX community? Click on the sign-up tab and go through the simple steps to get started on HoneyX.

Securing Creator Content

Two of the most common issues that adult models face in their work are piracy and diminishing revenues. On other platforms, fraudsters pretending to be fans have illegally distributed creators’ content across platforms to gain a following and revenue. Our UX/UI design puts in security features to secure creators’ work from unauthorized viewing or downloads.

The HoneyX platform will require fans to sign in with their wallets to access and view content. This feature puts both creators and their fans in a safe position as fans enjoy authentic content while supporting their favorite models. What’s more, you get multiple wallet options for signing in to HoneyX. Creators get more control over their content with HoneyX’s content security feature. This tool will limit content piracy and earn them more revenue. For the alpha release, HoneyX will support MetaMask and TrustWallet, with multiple other wallets added in the future.

Upholding User Privacy

Worried about giving up personal information? Don’t be! Users on HoneyX stay anonymous as you only need to sign in with your wallet. Most users viewing NSFW content like to stay anonymous, but many sites won’t set up features to keep their privacy. So, fans end up giving up their personal information, including credit card information, putting them at risk of porn blackmail or even financial losses in potential cyberattacks. With HoneyX, all you need to sign up for is your crypto wallet. Fans keep their data and still enjoy their favorite adult content.

Beyond the Alpha Launch

The alpha launch is when the rubber hits the road for our project, and we expect to make some refinements beyond this initial release. Top of our list for the subsequent release is the live streaming and broadcast features. The UX/UI team will follow up on the experience from the alpha launch to make the next release even more exciting and simplified for a better user experience.

Creators and fans can also manage their profiles easily from the profile tab. Here you will access your wallet, transactions, bookmarks, and paid content. Additionally, HoneyX users will access 24/7 online customer support via the platform. Our instant messaging platform will connect fans to creators in the most interactive way, with new and exciting emojis, GIFs, and multimedia support.

In the release, HoneyX will allow fans to like, comment, send a DM or tip their favorite models directly from the posts feed. The release also features a search tab for users to browse for content or creators swiftly.

In the initial release, transactions on HoneyX will be settled using $BNB with the $HONEYX token used for rewards and tipping. This move will accelerate user acquisition (UA) as $BNB holders face no interruptions. A soaring UA means more revenue for creators and more content for the fans. The next release will support $HONEYX tokens for transactions, so fans can unlock content using their $HONEYX!

About HoneyX

HoneyX is a decentralized blockchain protocol disrupting the adult entertainment industry by giving creators and fans more control over content production and consumption.

To learn more about the project, visit our official website here, or read our whitepaper. To buy $HONEYX tokens, follow these simple steps:

1. Create a BSC-compatible crypto wallet if you have none yet (Metamask), and top up your wallet with $BNB or any other major crypto.

2. Open PancakeSwap here and click ‘Connect’ on the top right to connect your wallet. Then, select the token you’d like to swap for $HONEYX.

Learn more about HoneyX by reading its whitepaper, or connecting with the project’s socials here.

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