HoneyX Launches New Website!

Drumroll please…  This week we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website – a complete revamp of our old interface at honeyx.io.

While it is not an easy decision to part with the old site which has been with us since the genesis of our project in early July, we have agreed that the new look was necessary as a much needed UX improvement as we finally settled on a UI design for our long-awaited platform (for alpha launch).  We have streamlined the site to better tell our story and to more succinctly showcase what HoneyX represents.  Our new website is also less cluttered and more easily navigable than its predecessor with banners and tabs now cleanly categorizing and delineating page contents.  

Now – enough of the broad introductions.  Let us dive right in as there are so many interesting features on our new site that we are so hyped for and would like to share with you!

Become Part of the HoneyX Community

Besides a new landing page which explains our vision of changing how adult content will be created and consumed in the future, there are also clearer video instructions and links on the new site to help you start your HoneyX journey with your first token purchase.  On the creator front, we have now added a dedicated page showcasing our more than 40 unique and beautiful creators with links to each of their Twitter profiles.  We constantly keep this page up to date – so do come back often to check if your favorite creators have joined our platform!  We intend to continue to include more features on the site to promote our creators on HoneyX.

At HoneyX, we firmly believe that the platform is for everyone and as such have also implemented a Chinese version of the site for our Chinese speaking community.  We will continue to add more language options to our website in order to bring the love to our supporters all over the world.

The HoneyX Blog

As HoneyX gears towards our alpha launch, we are very excited to also concurrently launch our blog on the new website (https://honeyx.io/archive/blog/) in order to keep our community engaged with timely blog entries.  You can expect regular updates from the team on the project’s latest developments, our thoughts on the latest crypo and industry developments, and even recaps of our latest community events on Telegram and Discord – which we definitely plan to host more frequently – in case you have missed one of them.  The HoneyX Blog will be a key medium for our team to communicate intimately with our community and we see it is a special relationship we are extremely keen to develop with all of you.

A First Glimpse of What HoneyX Can Do

Although not a brand-new addition, we would like to bring your attention to the “Features” page on our website which gives focus to the key features that we intend to include in our platform for our alpha launch.  We believe this page would be pivotal in giving more shape as to what issues our platform can and seeks to solve and how we intend to achieve those goals.  This would be the first of many steps to create a more wholesome picture of what HoneyX can do and we expect it would be instrumental in helping us develop a platform which we can proudly say is designed for both our creators and their fans alike.  To this end, we fervently welcome feedback and ideas from the community on what features you would like to see on HoneyX in our Discord and Telegram.


What is a website launch without some fanfare and fireworks?  To help celebrate the launch of our new website as well as the impending arrival of HoneyFarm, our token staking platform, we are planning a token airdrop to some of our lucky fans.

Further details of this airdrop will be announced closer to the launch of HoneyFarm, so stay tuned.  Woot Woot!

About HoneyX

HoneyX is a decentralized blockchain protocol which reimagines adult content distribution through our innovative implementation of blockchain principles in our platform.  HoneyX remains dedicated to our community and we have many forums open to interact with you.  Together, let’s build a platform that works for all – creators, fans, and traders!

We would also like to thank Ali, who has helped us with the amazing design and feel of the new site.  

To join our Telegram: https://t.me/honeyxofficial

To join our Discord: discord.com/invite/m56HNrD65Z

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