HoneyX: The Future of the Adult Entertainment Industry

For the longest time, the adult entertainment industry has been under the control of intermediaries acting as the link between adult content creators and their fans. This structure, like any centralized framework, is bureaucratic and barely flexible. This way, the agencies gain significant control over the entertainers and their fans.

The advent of blockchain technology has brought new opportunities for the industry. The technology seeks to decentralize operations and enable peer-to-peer (P2P) interactions for multiple sectors, including the adult entertainment industry. So, the future of the erotic content industry faces disruption, as blockchain will cut the red tapes that have stagnated the industry’s players from reaching their potential.

An Evolving Industry

Less than five years after its launch, content subscription service OnlyFans transformed the way adult models interact with their fans. The platform gave more power to the key stakeholders — content creators and fans. Fans have multiple ways of rewarding their favorite models through subscriptions and tips. Even then, the company can still censure or change terms with little to no consultation from models and fans. For instance, OnlyFans capped tips and pay-per-view (PPV) content in late 2020, limiting the amount that fans could tip their favorite models.

This year, the uptake of blockchain technology has surged in the adult content industry, with at least four blockchain platforms offering adult content services — HoneyX, CumRocket, PornRocket, and Cuminu. While some crypto market commentators regarded these erotic-themed cryptocurrencies as meme coins, the underlying adult content industry illustrates the real-world application for these platforms.

A Shift for Creators and Users

Compared to the mainstream porn industry players, crypto porn players offer similar services for significantly reduced fee charges while providing models with flexibility in their work. The rapidly evolving blockchain industry has also brought new features to the porn industry. Each platform has its native cryptocurrency that users deploy in paying subscriptions and tipping, among other functions. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offer a new way for models to share exclusive content to their fans as unique tokenized assets.

The market has evolved for erotic content users too. Before, users had limited options for accessing adult material. The internet age saw a shift of content distribution from purchasing adult material in brick-and-mortar stores to online platforms. The multi-billion industry faces its latest disruption with blockchain technology.

HoneyX: Powering a Decentralized Porn Industry

HoneyX is a blockchain platform re-inventing the adult entertainment industry by creating a place for creators and users to interact directly and find their maximum potential. HoneyX’s niche is within striking distance of an ideal blockchain platform where intermediaries have limited control. Models earn proportionately to their efforts while fans access the best content directly from their favorite stars. The millions of internet users who consume adult content make HoneyX an industry-ready product that will be deployed immediately after a full roll-out.

Restricted access to adult content makes HoneyX a suitable platform, as it is dedicated to offering erotica content only. Beyond adult material, HoneyX is powered by its native token, $HONEYX, a BEP-20 token running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The token has multiple utilities including, accessing exclusive content, purchasing content, tipping, and messaging creators on HoneyX’s adult content platform. In the first phase of HoneyX’s launch, the erotic-content-inspired blockchain project aims to partner with content creators as the project’s ambassadors to bring in more creators and fans to its platform.

Features of $HONEYX

Decentralized: HoneyX provides 60% of its 100 billion tokens as locked liquidity for token holders on PancakeSwap decentralized exchange (DEX). The project conducted a fair launch with no token pre-sale, keeping the HoneyX community as key stakeholders. Some coins will be released in phases, while others are reserved for team members and marketing programs. These reserved tokens will help facilitate incentive projects for token holders.

Rewards: HoneyX imposes a 10% fee on the token’s transactions via PancakeSwap. The platform then distributes the fee to the liquidity pool and profits shared proportionately to all token holders every three months. The fee also provides automated liquidity for the token on PancakeSwap. Coupled with an increasing demand for the token as activities on HoneyX soar, the price of $HONEYX will maintain a steady rise making it a good store of value and investment for holders.

Low Swap Fees: HoneyX leverages low fees, efficiency, and interoperability of the BSC making it more affordable for traders to swap Binance Coin ($BNB) for $HONEYX.

Why HoneyX?

Industry Experience: HoneyX is pushing boundaries in the crypto erotica space by leveraging its team’s real professional adult industry experience to the project. HoneyX’s team comprises active adult content creators who work closely with the development team to build a platform that works for the content creators and even more, for the users.

Transparency and Accountability: HoneyX’s leadership is transparent with team leaders who have worked with the best of the best across top financial corporations. With so many risks linked to faceless crypto projects, HoneyX clearly outlines its structure to ensure the accountability of team leaders and confidence for the project’s investors. What’s more, HoneyX commissioned TechRate to conduct a smart contract audit to ensure that the project operates safely without otherwise preventable exposures or vulnerabilities.

Unique Token Distribution: $HONEYX holders have the same privileges as the development team and can participate in governance decisions. In later phases, HoneyX will introduce staking to token holders and reward users with its governance token $BEEX. Also, the platform incentivizes holders to keep holding their tokens while discouraging them from selling $HONEYX off. This way, the token gains a deflationary feature that keeps demand rising while supply falls. So, $HONEYX maintains a stable upwards price trend.

Anonymity: Most HoneyX competitors are pseudonymous as they conceal the users’ identities using false ones. HoneyX ensures that user profiles are entirely anonymous and no personal details are collected. So, users can enjoy their content with no worries.

Towards the Future

HoneyX has released its four-stage roadmap expected to complete the roll-out in the second quarter of 2022. Among its earliest goals is listing on centralized exchanges, listing on price-tracking websites, and conducting an airdrop to add more users to the project.

HoneyX will also launch an NFT marketplace where users can explore content, and creators can mint and list tokens. Since the project operates on BSC, it will offer a low-cost alternative to many of its competitors like Cuminu, which runs on Ethereum.

The project also plans to rapidly expand its ambassadorial base with more models to create strategic partnerships that accelerate the project’s growth.

Buying $HONEYX

$HONEYX is available on PancakeSwap DEX. To get started with $HONEYX tokens, follow these simple steps:

1. Create a BSC-compatible crypto wallet if you have none yet (Metamask), and top up your wallet with $BNB or any other major crypto.

2. Open PancakeSwap here and click ‘Connect’ on the top right to connect your wallet. Then, select the token you’d like to swap for $HONEYX.

Learn more about HoneyX by reading its whitepaper, or connecting with the project’s socials here.

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